Alefounder's Yard, Norwich

General information can be found on the Yards and Courts of Old Norwich web site. According to this, Alefounder's Yard was situated between 77 and 95 Lower Westwick Street in the parish of St Swithin. The earliest reference given there is to the 1851 census.

In Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1896, Alefounders Yard can be found in Westwick Street between numbers 79 and 85. John Alefounder, a gardener, and Leah Alefounder can be found in the 1841 census living in Alefounder's Yard. John and his wife Leah are mentioned in the will of William Alefounder, gardener, proved in 1823. He left them and their heirs, in trust, his four houses in St Swithin and St Benedicts in Norwich.

I am grateful to Jackie Murrell for initially finding Alefounder's Yard in the 1841 census.

1841 census
NameAgeOccupationBorn in County
Loades, Martha60 yes
Peid, Susan80 yes
Scott, Mary50Charwomanno
Scott, Elijer15Labourery
Scott, Harriet10 y
Edmonds, James35Labourery
Edmonds, Hannah30 y
Edmonds, Hannah10 y
Edmonds, Mary6 y
Edmonds, Elizabeth4 y
Edmonds, James1 y
Howard, Daveny5 y
Bradfield, James30Pattern Makery
Bradfield, Mary25Silk Fillery
Hall, William30Carpentery
Hall, Amelia30Dressmakery
Barber, George16Shoemakery
Barber, John13Shoemaker assy
Charlesworth, Alexander38Cordwainery
Charlesworth, Elizabeth39Tailoressy
Charlesworth, Joseph6 y
Charlesworth, Anna4 y
Alefounder, John60Gardenery
Alefounder, Leah55 y
Horsley, Richard40Tailory
Horsley, Mary80 y
Horsley, Caroline15 y

1841 census

Norwich St Swithin: HO107/791/5 (LDS film 0438871) fo 8r,8v pp10-11; 6-7 June 1841.

8 dwellings are listed: as John and Leah were only left 4 houses in St Swithin and St Benedict, presumably not all of these 8 were owned by them at this time.


1851 census
SchNameRelMarAgeOccupationWhere Born
34Parker, RobertHeadMar31GardenerNorfolk Norwich
 Parker, SusannaWifeMar28 Norfolk Norwich
 Parker, SusannaDaur 9ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Parker, RobertSon 6ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Parker, HannahDaur 4ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Parker, SamuelSon 3at HomeNorfolk Norwich
 Parker, ElizaDaur 1at HomeNorfolk Norwich
35Brooks, DavidHeadMar22Chimney SweepNorfolk Norwich
 Brooks, ElizabethWifeMar18Silk FillerNorfolk Norwich
 Brooks, CharlotteDaur 1 Norfolk Norwich

1851 census

Alefounders Yard, Lower Westwick, St Swithin, Norwich: HO107/1816 fo 165r p8; 30-31 March 1851.

It is not at all clear why only two residences are listed in the census, but that is all there is.


1861 census
SchNameRelMarAgeOccupationWhere Born
75Casborn, SarahHeadWidow58no occupationNorfolk Yarmouth
 Pitt, MaryDaurMar29Shoe BuilderNorfolk Norwich
 Casborn, ElizabethDaurUn23Dress MakerNorfolk Beacon Ash
 Pitt, GeorgeSon in lawMar30House PainterNorfolk Norwich
 Pitt, SarahGrand dau 8ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Pitt, RachelGrand dau 4 Norfolk Norwich
76Harvey, SamuelHeadMar48Bricklayers LabourerNorfolk Norwich
 Harvey, SarahWifeMar40DressmakerNorfolk Norwich
 Harvey, GeorgeSon 13General LabourerNorfolk Horsford
 Harvey, CarolineDaur 10 Norfolk Horsford
 Harvey, HarriettDaur 9 Norfolk Horsford
 Harvey, JamesSon 6m Norfolk Norwich
77Subby, JaneHeadWidow28NeedlewomanNorfolk Norwich
 Subby, Thomas J.Son 5 Norfolk Norwich
78Green, ThomasHeadMar62Chelsea PensionerNorfolk Norwich
 Green, Mary AnnWifeMar60Cleaner at FactoryCoast of France British S.
79Westgate, ThomasHeadMar26DyerNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, SusannahWifeMar26 Norfolk Norwich
 Westgate, Susannah E.Daur 2 Norfolk Norwich
 Westgate, Helen E.Daur 1 Norfolk Norwich
80Clarke, EdwardHeadMar34Gard PorterNorfolk Norwich
 Clarke, DinahWifeMar35Silk WinderNorfolk Norwich
81Sursham, WilliamHeadMar34CordwainerNorfolk Norwich
 Sursham, MaryWifeMar38 Norfolk Norwich
 Sursham, Henry W.  10ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Sursham, Rose H.  6 Norfolk Norwich
 Sursham, Alfred J.  3 Norfolk Norwich
 Sursham, Charlotte  9m Norfolk Norwich
82Ashton, MarthaHeadWidow80PauperNorfolk Norwich
83Springhall, Cubit S.HeadMar52PauperNorfolk Yarmouth
 Springhall, CorneliaWifeMar40TailoressMiddlesex London
 Springhall, CarolineDaurUn19Silk WinderNorfolk Norwich
 Springhall, MargaretDaurUn9ScholarNorfolk Norwich
84Tolladay, JosephHeadMar50Horse hair ManufacturerNorfolk Norwich
 Tolladay, AnnWifeMar46 Norfolk Norwich
 Tolladay, Mary AnnDaur 12ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Richardson, SarahServ 36Horse hair WeaverNorfolk Norwich

1861 census

Alefounders Yard, St Swithin, Norwich: RG9/1218 fo 113r-114r (pp11-13); 7-8 April 1861.

10 residences listed here; the original clearly has double lines between them and check marks for that number of inhabited houses.


1871 census
SchNameRelMarAgeOccupationWhere Born
111Bishop, JamesHeadMar49Coal PorterNorfolk Norwich
 Bishop, SarahWifeMar48 Norfolk Norwich
 Bishop, WilliamSonUnm25ShoemakerNorfolk Norwich
 Bishop, WalterSonUnm16Confectioners (apprent)Norfolk Norwich
 Bishop, HenrySonUnm14Week Boy LabNorfolk Norwich
 Bishop, SarahDaurUnm18Silk WinderNorfolk Norwich
 Bishop, SusannaDaurUnm12ScholarNorfolk Norwich
112Moore, JonathanHeadMar44CordwainerNorfolk Norwich
 Moore, MariaWifeMar40 Norfolk Cossey
 Moore, JonathanSon 12ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Moore, WilliamSon 9ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Moore, MariaDaur 1 week Norfolk Norwich
1131 inhabited, no details given    
114Green, ThomasHeadMar74Pensioner 48 Regt.Norfolk Norwich
 Green, MaryWifeMar72Factory HandPassage home from France
115Westgate, Thomas HHeadMar36Porter School of ArtNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, SusannahWifeMar36 Norfolk Norwich
 Westgate, JohnSon 2 Norfolk Norwich
 Westgate, SusannahDaur 12Nurse GirlNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, Ellen CDaur 11Week GirlNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, JaneDaur 9ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, LottieDaur 7ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, EmmaDaur 5ScholarNorfolk Norwich
 Westgate, AgnesDaur 4 mo Norfolk Norwich
116Rivett, CarolineHeadMar33CharwomanNorfolk Norwich
 Rivett, CarolineDauUnm16Shacol FringerNorfolk Norwich
 Warner, JamesBoarderUnm30Wood Laborer (Out of Employ)Norfolk Norwich
117Eastaugh, RobertHeadMar76Silk WeaverNorfolk Norwich
 Eastaugh, MaryWifeMar75Silk WeaverNorfolk Norwich
 1 uninhabited      

1871 census

Alefounders Yd, Lower Westwick St, St Swithin, Norwich: RG10/1818 fo 107v-108r (pp16-17); 2-3 April 1871.

7 dwellings inhabited, plus one uninhabited.


1881 census
SchNameRelMarAgeOccupationWhere Born
123Nobbs, ThomasHeadMar22Laborer in Tin Manuf. WorksNorwich
 Nobbs, Mary A.WifeMar20Factory hand SilkNorwich
 Nobbs, ThomasSon 2 Norwich
124Bird, EdwardHeadMar45GardenerNorth Walsham Nflk
 Bird, SarahWifeMar46 Norwich
 Bird, Lois H.Daur 11 Norwich
125Pye, WilliamHeadMar64General laborerNorwich
 Pye, EmilyWifeMar66 Bawburgh Nflk
126Cutting, WilliamHeadMar80Silk DyerNorwich
 Cutting, SarahWifeMar81 Norwich
127Bishop, SarahHeadW58Formerly weaverNorwich
 Bishop, WilliamSonUnm35CordwainerNorwich
 Bishop, SarahDaurUnm27Machinist BootNorwich
 Bishop, SussannaDaurUnm20Machinist BootNorwich
 Barkway, William H.LodgerUnm29CarpenterSuffolk
128Cooper, SamuelHeadMar59Rope makerNorwich
 Cooper, MarthaWifeMar57 Norwich
 Mitchell, SamuelNephewUnm17Wire-drawerNorwich
128BBishop, James J.HeadMar38CordwainerNorwich
 Bishop, HarrietWifeMar37CharwomanNorwich
129Brown, JesseHeadMar31Brewer's laborerRanworth Nflk
 Brown, MarthaWifeMar30 Reymerston Nflk
 Brown, ClaraDaur 9 Norwich
 Brown, William E.Son 8  
 Brown, RosinaDaur 6  

1881 census

Alefounders Yd: RG11/1948 104r-104v (pp19-20); 3-4 April 1881.

Again, 8 residences.


1891 census
SchNo.RmsNameRelMarAgeOccupationEmp'dWhere Born
7484Houghton, WilliamHeadM77DyerXNorfolk Norwich
   Houghton, MariaWifeM64  Suffolk Woodbridge
   Houghton, CharlesSonS22Shoe finisherXNorfolk Norwich
7542Brooks, DavidHeadS39LabourerXNorfolk Norwich
   Sharp, ElizabethHousekeeperS38Silk-spinnerXNorfolk Norwich
   Sharp, David B.SonS19Smackman [barge]XNorfolk Norwich
7652Taylor, JohnHeadM37ShoemakerXNorfolk Norwich
   Taylor, FannyWifeM34ShoebinderXNorfolk Norwich
   Taylor, JohnSonS18ShoemakerXNorfolk Norwich
   Cushion, Richardbro-in-lawS36ShoemakerXNorfolk Norwich
7762Bishop, James J.HeadM47ShoemakerXNorfolk Norwich
   Bishop, HarrietWifeM46  Norfolk Norwich
7872Relf, ThomasHeadM22ShoemakerXNorfolk Norwich
   Relf, GeorgeiannaWifeM17  Norfolk Norwich
   Relf, JamesSon 1  Norfolk Norwich

1891 census

Alefounders Yd, St Swithin, Norwich: RG12/1528 fo 75r p11; 5-6 April 1891.

5 residences at this time, but now we have house numbers and it is clear that there used to be 8, numbers 1, 2 and 3 having disappeared. The odd order of numbers suggests a change to the entrance position of the yard.


1901 census
SchNo.RmsNameRelMarAgeOccupationEmp etcat homeWhere Born
26184Risebrook, ArthurHeadM37Shoeing [Black]smithWorker Norfolk St Faiths
   Risebrook, ElizabethWifeM44   Norfolk Cranworth
   Risebrook, MableDaurS13   Norfolk Norwich
   Risebrook, JohnSonS11   Norfolk Norwich
   Risebrook, AlbertSonS7   Norfolk Norwich
   Risebrook, CecilSonS5   Norfolk Norwich
   Risebrook, BertieSonS9 mths   Norfolk Norwich
26242Taylor, JohnHeadM47Shoemaker [Boot m]Employerat homeNorfolk Norwich
   Taylor, FannyWifeM44   Norfolk Norwich
26352Taylor, JohnHeadM28   Norfolk Norwich
   Taylor, LauraWifeM31   Norfolk Norwich
   Taylor, LauraDaurS5   Norfolk Norwich
   Taylor, AliceDaurS2   Norfolk Norwich
26462Bishop, JamesHeadM57Cordwainer [Boot m] at homeNorfolk Norwich
   Bishop, HarrietWifeM50    
26572Houghton, CharlesHeadM31Shoe FinisherWorker Norfolk Norwich
   Houghton, Harriet EWifeM36TailoressWorker Norfolk Norwich
   Houghton, George HSonS6   Norfolk Norwich
   Houghton, Lillian EDaurS4   Norfolk Norwich

1901 census

Alefounders Yd, St Swithin, Westwick Ward, Norwich: RG13/1842 fo 76v-77r (pp34-35); 31 March - 1 April 1901.

Again 5 residences, numbered as before 8, 4, 5, 6, 7.


1911 census
SchNo.RmsNameRelMarAgeOccupationEmp etcat homeWhere Born
17912Castleton, HannahHeadWidow59Domestic Cook  Norwich Norfolk
18022Elvin, RobertHeadMarried52House PainterworkeroutNorwich Norfolk
   Elvin, MariaWifeMarried27Laundry work at homeBracon Ash Norfolk
18132Burrage, Louisa HeadSingle26Boot MachinistWorker Norwich Norfolk
   Cott, Herbert GeorgeBoarderSingle31Tailor's WarehousemanWorker Norwich Norfolk
18242Smith, Sidney GeorgeHeadMarried34Litho Stone PolisherWorker Norfolk Norwich
   Smith, Elizabeth AbigailWifeMarried26   Norfolk Norwich
   Smith Sidney WilliamSon 2   Norfolk Norwich
18352Mann, AugustusHeadMarried46Wire Worker [Ironmongery Foundry &c]  Norwich
   Mann, ZipporahWifeMarried42   Norfolk Walton
   Hoy, EmilyDaughterWidow26   Cumberland, Carlisle
18462Bishop, James JohnathanHeadWidower67Bin MakerWorkerat homeSt Swithins Norwich
18572Larke, Annie BeatriceHeadWidow30Plain SewingWorkerAt homeNorfolk Norwich
   Larke, Gladys EthelDaughter 7   Norfolk Norwich
   Larke, Charles HerbertSon 6   Norfolk Norwich
   Larke, Thomas JamesSon 3   Norfolk Norwich
18684Perfect, EmmaHead40 WashingOwn accountAt homeNorwich
   Perfect, WilliamSon18 SawyerWorker Norwich
   Perfect, ArthurSon12 School  Norwich
   Perfect, Alicedaughter11    London
   Perfect, May daughter10    London
   Perfect, Emmadaughter9    London
   Perfect, Florriedaughter17 MachinistWorker Norwich

1911 census

Alefounders Yard, St Swithin, Westwick Ward, Norwich. Reg Dist 225, Sub-District 2, Enumeration District 2; night of Sunday 2nd April 1911

8 residences, numbered 1–8 and with consecutive schedule numbers. As in 1901, number 8 has 4 rooms, the others just 2.


Directories, 1924-1931
1William WilsonWilliam WilsonMrs WilkinsonBertie QuantrellBertie Quantrell
2Mrs J BaldwinMrs J BaldwinMrs J BaldwinSidney W AllenSidney W Allen
3George RalphGeorge RalphGeorge RalphvacantMrs Styles
4Arthur ChettleburghArthur ChettleburghArthur ChettleburghArthur ChettleburghArthur Chettleburgh
5Augustus MannAugustus MannAugustus MannAugustus MannAugustus Mann
6William OakfoldWilliam OakfoldWilliam OakfoldWilliam OakfoldMrs Lovedale
7Robert ElvinRobert ElvinRobert ElvinRobert ElvinRobert Elvin
8Mrs E PerfectMrs E PerfectMrs E PerfectMrs E PerfectMrs E Perfect

Later references

Kelly's Directory of Norfolk, 1912, mentions Alefounder's Yard, but lists none of the residents. However, residents are listed in later directories, and it appears that there were eight dwellings in Alefounder's Yard at this time.


Sketch map, Alefounder's Yard, Norwich

Alefounder's Yard is certainly no longer in existence. Even the road layout in that part of the south side of Westwick Street has changed, as can be seen by comparing a modern map or satellite image (available via Google Maps) with the first Ordnance Survey map (compiled between 1879 and 1886). The Ordnance Survey map can be seen on the Norfolk County Council E-Map Explorer web site (grid reference 622566E 308942N), along with aeriel photographs taken in 1946 and 1988. The sketch map on the right corresponds with the Ordnance Survey map, and shows where I think Alefounder's Yard was situated, the white area being open space and the red area, or part of it, being the residential building.

The buildings visible on the 1946 photograph do not correspond with those on the Ordnance Survey map. The available evidence suggests that Alefounder's Yard was demolished some time between 1931 and 1941. The 1988 photograph matches modern maps and the satellite image.

I am grateful to John Pepperdine and Rosemary Oliver (, both members of the Guild of One-Name Studies, for information concerning Alefounder's Yard.

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