Will of Robert Alfounder 1701

Dedham pedigree, notes

Original will, Leicestershire Record Office reference 1701(1)

In the Name of God Amen. I Robert Alfounder Clerk Rector of Thurcaston in the County of Leicester being of perfect memory do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament, Revokeing all other Testaments formerly made. My Soul I give unto God my Saviour thankfully acknowledging his mercies, and trusting only in his free Grace, and the merits of my Lord Jesus. My Body I will to be buried in the chancel of Thurcaston at the Discretion of my Executor, as privately, as conveniently may be. My Dear Children I give unto God, who gave them, comitt[in]g them wholy to his Trust, who is the Father of the Fatherless. Oh that they might be his Dutyfull children in all things. And (So far as I may) I charge them to live in com~union with the church of England as by law established, being (as I think) the soundest part of the Catholick church.

Of the worldly Estate, which God of his Goodness hath given me (who am less than the least of all his Mercies) I thus Dispose. Imprimis I give unto My Daughter Mary and to her Heirs all my Estate in Scraptoft, She paying out of it to My Daughter Jane Fifty pounds, when she (Jane) comes to the age of eighteen. Item I give to My Son Robert and to his Heirs all my Estate in Great Bowden. Item I give to My Daughter Jane and her Heirs all my Estate in Great Glen. Item I give unto My Son William Three Hundred pounds. God be praised that I have this to leave them. I pray God bless it to them, that it may be an incouragement to Serve this Good God. I hope He Will To Mary Crowch My God daughter I give Twenty pounds. Item I Give to Edward Fletcher Twenty Shillings. Item to my Maid Servants, To Mary Twells. To Nathanel Hughs, and to Eustace Wade Ten shillings a peice. Item to the poor of Thurcaston I give Fifty Shillings. [To] the poor of Ansty Forty Shillings. To the poor of Crapston Twenty Shillings. Item I give unto My very good Friends Mr John Allen Rector of Loughborow, Mr William Thomas ... Master of Leicester Mr James Tomson of Evington, and to Mr Richard Austin, whom I [a]point to be overseers of this my Will, to every one Twenty Shillings a peice, desiring them to advise and [a]ssist My Executor where need is, and to concern themselves in the Education of My children, Give good counsel with Authority from me Of this my Last Will and Testament, I Make my Son Robe[r]t Alfounder Sole Executor, to whome I bequeath all the Rest of My Goods and chattels after the payment of My Debts and Legacies. In witness where of I have set to my hand Seal th[e] thirteenth Day of December in the Eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovere[i]gn William the 3d by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland France and Ireland Annoqe Domini 1699

Declared Signed and Sealed in the presence us John Ludlam Tho Ludlam Richard Skolson

      Robt Alfounder

Probatum fuit huod Testam-tii suprascritii~ apud Lecr~ 31o die mensij Marly Anno Dñi 1701. Coram Magro Samarli Carl C~lico Surros Eiñlij diri Georgij Newell Ar. &c Archisuij Offrlij &c pescute Tyr Stephens Rogeie Comistutii fuit Oxcij &c ..... Adro &c su testamto anno &c John Allen W.mo Thomas Jacobo Tompson et Rechs Austin durautie ejiy minori et .. &c Gardiaciy ergo Eumet ......&c et admi..s pruij duraly etge Eos intraposita caucoc &c

Transcribed by Peter Alefounder 1994
and added to web site 18th April 1999