Robert Allfounder, Malster of Debenham: Inventory 1714

Dedham pedigree
Dedham notes

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich, reference FE1/11/81. A long narrow strip of parchment.

An Inventory of the goods and Chattles
of Mr. Robert Allfounder late of Debenham
in the County of Suffolke Malster decesed
reicved and Apprised the seventh day
of Dember in the year of our Lord God
one thousand seven hundred and fourteen by John Davis and
Deveres Jeffery apptisors as
?us... Att the Bucks head

Imprimis one bed one quilt one
pair of Blanketts one Bolster and
two pillowes one bedstead and
hangings att



One bed and Bolster and two pillows
two Blanketts one Bedstead and
Rugg and hangings


One small Bed and Bedstead
Bolster and hangings


One Table with a Drawer


On the Best Chamber att
Goslens hall

The best bed as it stand, at


another bed wth Druggett
curtaines as it stands att


One Chest of Drawers upon
a frame


One Table and Glass


Ten Chaires and two Elbo Chairs


One wicker Chair at


One Close Stool and pan and
Cupboard press


One pair of Cob Irons Bras fire pan
and tongs


Six window Curtains and ?vasows


In the Closet

?Six ?pair ...isue [parchment folded and worn]


Two dozen an... ..iue ....tes at


One Tin Baker pan & one Cullonder


Six Doz of Glass bottles att


In the little Chamber

One bed as it Stands att


One old hangin... ress & Table


In the Parlour

One Chest of Drawers att


One side board Table att


Two pair of Cobirons four pair of
tongs two fire pans one pair of
Bellowes and one Chair


Four Callaco Window Curtaines


In the hall
[it is not clear where this section ends]

One tin Boyler two kittles one Sauce
pan and one frying pan together


two hales one pair of Cob Irons one
Gridiron one pair of tongs one pair
of flesh forks two pair of Brass
Candlesticks wth Brass Savalls


One pair of Brass Snuffers & Case
one Brass Chafing dish two Iron
Candlesticks one Brass Candlestick
to carry in the hand one small Brass
Chafing dish one brass ladle att


two linnen horses att


two small Tables three joint stooles
and one old Cupboard


one ^st_icken board one old Chair & one Small
Rest one pie peale att


One Copper iron and wooden lid
One Brass Kittle att


One Sivefing hutch and two sives at


two washing Kealers one tub one
washing Baskett one Childs Chair
and Bottle Rack


two Spitts one Cliver one 14ll leaden


One palett bed as it stands at


One warming pan at


eight pair and one odd sheete at


ten napkins & ten course Towels at


Seven pillarbeeres at


five board Clottus at


one Doz of fine napkins at


four Silver Spoons at


One Gold Ring wth a Coate of Arms


a parcell of hopps att


a parcell of hay att


one mare & two yearing Colts at


One Cart at


one old bedstead & 2 old Chairs at


Redy money at



Debts good & bad



John Davis
Deveroe Jeffery

[actual total

[On the back]
Extum e?f Willim~l Field
vni~d Execatoru~ intesto noiat
29o die Octob: 1715 pberoc~c.

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