Will of Robart Tyler alias Alfvnder 1574

Dedham pedigree

Original will, Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds branch, reference IC500/1/33/38


In the name of god Amen And yn the yerre of ovr lord god 1574 I Robart Tyler wothers called alfvnder of Long Melford yn the covnty of Svfok do order thys and make my laste wyl and testemeñ yn thys forme and maner folowyng fvrte I be qvefe my Sowle vnto almyty god and to Jhu~ cryste yn home I troste to be Savyd by hys deth and passyon and my body to be bvryed wher yt shal plesse almyty god to calme vnto hys marcy Itm~ I gefe vnto annes my wyfe my tenement yn the hystret wyt the landes thervnto be longyt for the terme of her lyfe payyn the lordes rente and keppyng yt yn sofysent reperracyoñ and after my sayd wyfes deses I gefe the sayd tenement wyt the lands thervnto be longyt vnto Rychard my son and hys ayars condyssyally that that Rychard shal paye or casse to be payde wyt theng on yere after my wyfes desserc vil of lawfvl mony of eynglong vnto my fowar dovttern and ther cheldren as here after doth doth follow Itm~ to gonne grom my dovter vjs and viijds Itm~ vnto my dovter groms cheldren that ys vnto svsan grome vjs viijds Itm~ vnto wyll~ym grome vjs viijds Itm~ vnto Jhon grome vjs viijds Itm~ vnto Dorryfy grome vjs viijds Itm~ gefe vnto em my dovter wyttes wyfe xxvjs viijds Itm I gefe vnto horr dovter mary vjs viijds Itm~ I gefe vnto mary my dovter xxxiijs iiijds Itm~ I gefe vnto adry my dovter xxxiijs iiijds Itm~ I hafe gyeng my sayde fowar dovtern and ther cheldren a marke more then I hafe welled my sayd son Rychard for to paye Itm~ I wyll therfor that my wyfe shal paye the sayde marke wnto on of my dovtern Itm~ wyl that ether of mary or adry do de parte thys worde be fore the tyme that they sholde resayve the lekacys then I wolde The on to be ther woters ayar Itm~ I wyl that yf onny of my dovters grome cheldren do departe thys worde be fore the tyme that they sholde resaiyfe ther lekacys then I wolde the on to be ther wothers ayar/ Itm~ I kefe my tenement wyt the a portynans ther vnto be longyt that I hafe yn the halle stret vnto annes my wyfe for terme of horr lyfe payyng the lordys rent and keppyng yt yn safysent reparracyõn and after my wyfes desers Itm~ I kefe the sayde tenement wyt the a portynans wnto Robart my son and hys ayars ^for eñ coñdysyally that the sayde Robart or hys ayars shal paye wnto Jhon my son xl of lavful mony of eynglond wyt theyn fyfe yerres after my wyfes desecers Itm~ I wyll that yf the sayde Jhon do de part thys worde be fore the tyme that he shold resayve ys lekacys havyng no chelde then I wel that Robart or hys ayars shal paye to my dovtern then lyvynd iiijl Itm~ yf the sayd Robart do de part thys worde be fore the sayd annes my wyfe havyng no chelde and John then lyvyng Itm~ then I well that Jhon to hafe the sayde tenemeñ yn the hale strete wyt the a partynans to hym and hys ayars for ever cõdyssyally that Jthon or hys ayars shal paye wnto my sayd dovtern then lyvyng iiijl Itm~ yf yt ples god to calle them bothe to hys marcy be fore the sayd annes my wyfe havyng no cheldren then I wyl yt shal be solde by my chyldren then lyvyng and ekoly to be partyd a mong my cheldren then lyvyng Itm~ I kefe vnto annes my wyfe al my movabeles yn what natvr so eñ they be vppon thys condyssyõn that my sayde annes my wyfe shal resave my dette and pay my dette hom the sayde annes my wyfe I make my soll exsecvtevr to thys my laste wel and tesstement and svperrafycer Rychard my son and for hys payne takeng theryn Itm~ I wel that he hafe xs yn wyttenes ther of I Robart tyler wotherres called alfvnder hath svs skreyvyd thys wyll wyt my onne hand the yerre a bovfe sayde

Probat corum magro Jho B_ome dõimuss_ etc. xxijr die Jany 1574o p... ssays fuit admdstrar bonor etc executrice noiate in son    Tyler a~ls alefounder faij ess &s p executric Jurat salvo J... etc

Transcribed by Peter Alefounder 1994
and added to web site 11th April 1999