Manor of Weeley, Essex 1708

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Original document: Manor of Weeley court rolls, Essex Record Office reference D/DU6/1 p21. Court held on 9 Mar 1708.

[In margin] Adm Robti Alefounder Admission of Robert Alefounder
Quod cum ad Cur hic tent pro Man~io ped decimo die Septembris vltimo petit Thomas Sadler Tenens Customar huius Man~ij tent et cepit sibi et Heredibus suis ad istam Cur~ post Recupacoe~m inde haitam Vnum messuagium sive Tenemnt

Insofar as by means of this Court held for the said Manor 10th day of September last the petitioner Thomas Sadler a Customary Tenant of this Manor held and seised for himself and his Heirs at that Court after Recovery thenceforth inhabiting One messuage or Tenement
[In margin] Woods & Mellet Herriot Woods & Mellet Heriot
et triginta acr~ terr~ cum pt~ijs in Weeleigh ped customar~ et Herriot vocat Woods et Mellet tent de hoc Man~io p copiam Rotlorj Cur~ Et ad istam eand~m Cur~ in plena nec non ap~pta Cur~ surr~red~d in manus Dni~ Man~ij ped~ p manus et acceptaco~em dict senll~i Oia~ et singula pe~missa ped cum p~tijs Ad Opus et Vsam Testi et vet volunt sue in script Modo ad hanc Cur~ Comptum est p Homagium Quod citra Vel [vlt?] Cur~ et ante hanc Cur~ dc~us Thomas Sadler de tali stata suo sic inde Vt pefct obiit se~it post cuius mortem accidit Dno~ Man~ij ped~ Vnu~ Herriot scilt Vnam Vaccam apprec~ trium librar~ seit p Ball~ium Man~ij ped p Dno~ ped~ Et ante obitum suum fecit et condidit testum et Vet volunt suu~ in script Quodquid~m Testu~m Rob~tus Alefounder protulit hic in Cur~ geren~ dat vicesimo quarto die Novembr~ vct petito probat Coi~ Forma cujus Tenor quoad pemissa sequint in his Anglican~ verbis sequen~ and 30 acres land with appurtenances in Weeley aforesaid by custom and Heriot called Woods and Mellet held of this Manor by copy of Court Roll And at that same Court in full and open Court surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Manor by the hands and acceptance of the said steward All and singular the said premises with the appurtenances To the Use and Behoof of his Testament and last will in writing Now at this Court of good Authority it is by means of the Homage That after the last Court and before this Court the said Thomas Sadler thus thence of tenant status as read through died seised after which death fell to the Lord of the said Manor One Heriot that is to say, One Cow of value three pounds was taken by the Bailiff of the said Manor for the said Lord, And before his death he made and composed his testament and Last will in writing Indeed all that Testament Robert Alefounder has brought forth here in Court bearing date 24th day of November last to claim approval of the court in the Form of which Tenor as to the premises herewith in these English words follows
Item I give and bequeath to my Cousin Robert Alefounder his Heirs and Assigns for ever All that my Messuage & lands both Freehold and Coppy lieing and being in Weeleigh with all and singular their appurtences as the same are in the tenure or occup~acon of him the said Robert Alefounder or his Assigns and Ann Alefounder his sister
prout per ide~m Testum relaco~e inde hai~ta plenius apparet Quiquidm Robtus Alefounder venit hic in cur in ppr~ persona sua et penit se in gra~m Dni~ Man~ij ped~ et humilit petit se admitti ad pemissa ped cum p~tijs Cui Dnu~s Man~ij ped~ p senll~am suum ped~ consessit et per virgam deliba~vit ei inde sem~am hend et Tenend Oia~ et singula pemissa ped cum p~tijs sibi pefat Robto Alefounder Here~d et Assignatis suis sc~dm intenco~em testi et vet volunt dict Thome Sadler defunct de dno p virgam ad volunt Dni~ sc~dm con~s man~ij ped~ p red~d con~s et servit inde prius debet de jure consuetj Et dat Dno~ de Fine put patet in margine Fecitqs fidelit Et Admissus est inde Tenens as by the same Testament, from that recital, the dwelling is fully apparent That also Robert Alefounder comes here in court in his own person and in regard of the Lord of the said Manor and humbly petitions to be admitted to the said premises with the appurtenances To which the Lord of the said Manor by his said steward has granted and by the rod delivered seisin of the same thenceforth to have and to Hold All and singular the said premises with appurtenances to himself the beforementioned Robert Alefounder his Heirs and Assigns according to the intention of the testament and last will of the said Thomas Sadler deceased of the lord by the rod at the will of the Lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rent customs and services thenceforth firstly owed by customary right, and giving the Lord faithfully as the Fine appearing in the margin orders [the margin is blank at this point] And is admitted thenceforth a Tenant


Transcribed 1999 and translated 2003 by Peter Alefounder