Manorial Records

This is a list of the manorial records that I have examined with links to extracts, or in the case of court rolls, summaries of the information obtained. In a (very) few cases, these summaries contain links to transcripts and translations. As in any sufficiently specialised subject, terminology is employed in these records that may be unfamiliar: words not used elsewhere, and words that are used elsewhere, but which here have a particular meaning. Some explanations are provided. Apart from the commonwealth period, before 1734 the original manorial court records are in Latin; in a few instances where I have not yet discovered the English equivalent, a Latin word may appear, indicated by italics. Comments and other notes are in [square brackets]. Original dating is used throughout - this means old style before 1752. Where the original record only has regnal dates, these are shown with the AD equivalent. Note that Charles II's reign is reckoned from 1648/9 when he became King, and not from the date of the restoration. There is an index to the names mentioned.


Dedham Hall court books 1661-1691

Boxted Hall court rolls 1700-1784, 1789, 1791

Weeley court rolls 1696-1793

Lawford Hall court records 1670-1698

Chick St Osyth index book 1669-1732

Great and Little Clacton court records 1677, 1691-1706

Langham Index to Copyhold Lands, refs to Alefounder's Wood 1598-1735

Langham court rolls, references to Alefounder's Wood 1778-1804

Kirby infra Socam, Thorpe Socam & Walton infra Socam court rolls 1615-1711

Burnham with Mangapp, calendar entry 1798

No Alefounder entries found in:

Derwade, Bradfords & Herries in Bocking (includes some copyholds in Braintree) index 1738-1828

Little Oakley abstract and index 1603-1718

Faites & Wades in Dedham, Lawford & Ardleigh court records 1654-1727

Gt Wigborough with Salcott admissions and surrenders 1740-1906

Thorpe, Kirby etc 1697-1810 steward's papers


Old Hall, East Bergholt, court rolls 1595-1659

Nayland court records re Market Cross 1742, 1768, rentals 1755-62, 1764-5, 1772, 1781, 1788

Debenham Butley court records 1690-1761

Debenham, register books of manors of Lord Henniker:

  • Debenham Butley, extracts 1712-1715

  • Scotnetts, extracts 1703-1715

  • Bloodhall, extracts 1711-1715

  • Crows Hall - no Alefounder entries found

  • Great Bealings - no Alefounder entries found

No Alefounder entries found in:

Kirkton Hall alias Shotley Hall Court Rolls 1578-1704

Shotley Rentals 1670

Crows hall with Woodwards index

Debenham manors survey 1671

Woolverston Hall court books 1644-1726

Kentwell, Long Melford, memorandum of fines 1534


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