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reetings! This is a web site for Alefounder genealogical research. I estimate that there are about 130 individuals with this surname throughout the world, mainly in England but with a few in America, Canada, New Zealand and (as far as I am aware) one in Australia. My guess (and that is all it is) is that the name in all its various spellings has been used by fewer than 2500 people since hereditary surnames came into general use in England in the last quarter of the twelfth century.

Here you can find:

Alefounder entries from the GRO index have been sent to FreeBMD

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I have much more information than I have had time to put on this web site. If you would like to know more, please send an email to me at the address below:

I would like to acknowledge with thanks the help of all those who have sent me information about their own Alefounder ancestors. I give particular thanks to the late George Kearney who made substantial contributions to the one-name study as a whole.

I am a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and the Essex Society for Family History.

Alefounder group (for anyone with an interest in the surname)

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